Thank you. THANK YOU.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Each wedding I photograph makes me realize how wonderful it is to work with such amazing people, and to be invited into someones special day is a special privilege. 

I hope your experience working together was as great as mine. Here's what you can expect next!

First, your images are backed up on two different devices, for a total of three different backups for safekeeping! Trust me, I can't sleep at night until I know they're preserved safely!

Next, the culling process begins. Images that are redundant, fuzzy, blinky eyes, or somehow otherwise not 'top-notch' are removed, to make room for the best 500-700 images of the set. Don't worry, special moments and great shots aren't discarded! You'll hear the shutter rapidly firing all day, but there are ultimately lots of 'doubles', and sometimes experimental images that don't make the cut. 

The color correction starts here. Every wedding has a different feel, and I strive to use the best possible toning and color correction to achieve the best and most consistent look.  This is where the real work begins, and if you see me in person and wonder why I look red-eyed and exhausted, it's from hours of midnight editing. Just kidding....sort of.

in 12-16 weeks once everything is finalized, you'll receive two links - one to view and share with family and friends, who will be able to purchase prints here, and a second link for your personal download. 

Now is the important part: 

Now after all this anticipation, it's time for you to use them! Often images are left on 

After this is all over, I like to think that it's just the beginning of our friendship. I'd love to stay in touch and follow you in your life journey,