Guided Adventure Elopements & Intimate Weddings

otherwise known as 'how to have a magical ceremony without the stress of wedding planning '

Nope, we're not talking about spontaneously driving to vegas on a whim to get hitched at a chapel by an elvis impersonator (although that does sound wildly fun!)

Elopements these days are often slightly different - usually a very small and private ceremony, in a spectacular location.

There's no wonder elopements are extremely popular. Traditional weddings can take so much time, stress, and financial burden to plan, that it's easy to lose sight of the real reason you're exchanging vows. 

Elopements are a huge passion of mine, and they're certainly one of my favorite events to be a part of. 

Here are some resources to help in your elopement planning - if you feel this is right for you! If you'd like to chat more about your wedding day dreams, message me on the form below!


Many of my elopement couples are avid travelers, and if that's you, it makes sense to pack your bags for a magnificent destination. The sky is the limit - It can be an unexplored wilderness, mountain peak, familiar meadow, or remote beach. Sunrise? Sunset? Under the northern lights?

When it's just you and your lover, you can say your vows wherever you please! 

I live near Sequoia & Yosemite, where many people from all over the country come to get married under the big trees, but sometimes I'll fly with a couple out of state (or country!) to an epic mountainscape to say vows on a glacier, alpine lake, or tropical beach!



So many people lose sight of the important things when planning their wedding. With an elopement - you can forget about the expensive cake, DJ, and focus on what matters - your commitment to each other. 

Once you lock down a few basics such as location, officiant, photographer, outfits, and maybe a messy wildflower bouquet - it's time to go for it! My elopement packages offer four hours of coverage, which gives us plenty of time to get some images while preparing, then having a small ceremony, and finally spending some time exploring together and shooting some killer portraits at different locations, usually ending our time together just after sunset.

Since there's not many logistics to worry about, you don't really need a wedding planner! I usually find myself filling that role - working together to decide on a time and location that works well for the current weather, light conditions, etc. 



Usually the best way to start is to lock down a date and location with your photographer. Most of my elopements are done on weekdays for a few reasons: usually there's less traffic in national parks during the week, and also I'm able to offer elopement pricing for weekday events. Once a deposit has been made to secure your date, it's time to put our heads together deciding what's important for you on this day! 


Interested in planning an elopement? Let's chat! I have years of experience planning these magical ceremony in the woods.

Elopement coverage starts at $3k and typically involves 4 hours of guided adventure elopement coverage.

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Why are you excited about an elopement? What would make this the most magical event for you and your partner? Let's talk about your wedding day dreams! This skies are the limit with this type of ceremony.

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