Our Mission

Your wedding is more than an 'event', and you are more than a 'client'. It's an honor to be invited into your life, and it's something that's not taken lightly. Here's some reflection upon past questions.

Frequently asked questions

How do you backup the photos after our wedding?

I'm a fanatic about backing things up properly! Firstly, I use two memory cards in my camera, so if one card is corrupted, lost, or stolen - the other card will be safe. Once the wedding is done, I backup the images to a computer AND backup hard drive, so that there are four copies of your images total! When I'm home, a hard drive goes into a fire proof safe, and the other copies are kept safe until your collection has been delivered.

Do you photography LGBT weddings?

Of course! I've photographed many same sex weddings, and A Fierce Love does not discriminate because of any race, religious beliefs, gender, disability, age, or sexual orientation. 

What kind of camera gear do you use?

I use a Canon 5dmarkIV and 5dmarkIV bodies, with a mix of Canon & Sigma lenses. I shoot with all prime glass, because I love the depth of field, bokeh, and low light capabilities. 

How would you describe your editing style?

There are a lot of photographers who describe their style as either 'dark & moody', or 'light and airy'. I don't know exactly where you'd lump me into that category - because some weddings reflect a mood that's bright and cheerful, and others may be reflect a more dramatic and moody. I love to edit in a way that captures the feeling of the moment when it was shot, and avoid using any techniques that one day may be looked at as 'dated' or as a 'fad'. If you'd like to see a sample gallery of my editing style, please let me know! 

Can I have the RAW images?

My photograph approach is indeed a process, honed by years of experience.  When I make an image, it's really built upon a foreshadowing of the end result - after intentional image creation, curation, and color correction. Just as a chef wouldn't serve a pile of raw ingredients, a potter hand over unfired clay, or a writer share a collection of rough drafts - I also choose to hold the RAW images sacred, as they are just the beginning of the final experience.  Because each photo is unique and shot in different lighting situations, I don't use any filters or third party presets, but hand correct each image to reflect the mood and 'feeling' of the day.  And any any third party editing indirectly (and usually unintentionally!) reflects upon my professionalism, experience, skill, and expertise. All that to say, nope :)