Connie + Taylor, Rattlesnake Ridge

I really think it's smart to hang out with people that are smarter than you, know how to love better than you, tell better jokes than you, and bring more passion & motivation into your life than you can summon on your own. These people are Connie & Taylor. 

10 years of marriage and counting,  still a fierce love. 

Rattlesnake Ridge / North Bend, Washington.

Tom + Kara, Sequoia National Park

Goodness gracious. If I wasn't born to do this, than I sure am lucky I fell into it.

Tom & Kara are extremely important people to me, and so is the place they chose to get married. These beautiful people, not wanting a 'typical' wedding ceremony, were wed in Crescent Meadow, inside Sequoia National Park - housing both the highest peak in the continental USA (Mount Whitney), and also the tallest trees on earth - the 'Sequoias'. 

I'm always so excited to help plan the ceremony location, and Tom and I scouted the meadow in the morning to discover where the light would be magical, but also where guests could easily take perch to view the ceremony.  We settled on a mound of granite peaking out of the grass - a perfect altar for a mountainside wedding. 

Because of national park regulations, the permit only allowed for 30 attendees, so the guest list was small, making for a relaxed & intimate ceremony. Toms father led the service, while the air was filled with beautiful melodies by Joel Adam Russell and his guitar. After some photography in the trees with the bride and groom, we all headed for a relaxed dinner at Wuksachi Lodge

Peek at the bottom to see a great film from the wedding by Tanner Boley

Stewwie + Erika, Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking Engagement

I've known Stewwie for years. Like, 25 of them. Certainly long enough to know that he'd definitely marry someone special some day. 

A while after I started cycling, Stew started tagging along on some road rides. One thing led to another and soon we were working together at the bike shop, turning wrenches and cracking jokes. 

Now he's working for Specialized Bicycles, marrying Erika, and pedaling harder than you could ever believe. Good thing he's marrying a girl as excited about bikes as he is. 

Thanks for being awesome, guys - and for taking me on such a fun ride to snag some photos of you both in your element (and mine!)

Jasmine + Corry, Puerta Vallarta

I can’t stick around to write much because there’s still sand in my hair and I need aloe vera on my sunburn.

Corry & Jasmines Mexico wedding at the ‘Dreams Resort’ was stellar. Simply phenomenal. I’ve never stayed at an ‘all-inclusive’ resort before so shooting at the Dreams for a few days felt like just that – a dream. Honestly I couldn’t have asked for better food, service, company, and great clients to work with.

Life on the mexican beach definitely is lived a slower pace, and my only regrets are not being able to stay for more than four days.

As someone commented on Jasmine & Corrys Engagement photos - ‘Corry and Jasmine have set the bar way high for the rest of the young lovers in the Milky Way Galaxy!’

Congrats, amigos.