Aj + Miriam, Yosemite Engagement

If I could plan the perfect time together with some clients shooting their engagement photos, it would go like this: Drive into Yosemite at the crack of dawn, catching the sunrise over Halfdome. We would set up tents and make breakfast at the camp 4 - the perfect climbers campsite.  After some bouldering on some classic granite problems, we'd take a dip in the river and crack a beer. We would probably shoot some photos in the meadow during the golden hour, and cook up a delicious dinner before watching the stars rotate over the tree brimmed campsite. In the morning after digesting a few cups of coffee and a hearty breakfast, someone would decide which route to climb, and after flaking out ropes we'd lace up our shoes and send some classic Yosemite cracks.

But that's just me.

Aj and Miriam get married in September. I really can't wait.