Marissa + Justin, Beetle Rock | Sequoia National Park

We woke up in the morning and stumbled from the campsite to find a heavy cloud resting on the ceremony site at Beetle Rock, in Sequoia National Park. You never know what kind of weather you'll find in the High Sierra, and this cloudcover was predictably unpredictable. The fog disappeared, then the rain came, then it started snowing like there was no tomorrow. After deciding to carry on with the initial plan rain or shine, Marissa walked down the aisle and the rain stopped, clouds parted, and sun beamed down warmly as we all stripped off our raincoats. 

Check out a couple frames from Marissa and Justins dreaaaamy Sequoia National Park wedding ceremony, and reception at Wuksachi Lodge.

Sequoia Wedding Co. 


A Fierce Love | Sequoia National Park wedding photography, destination adventure weddings, portraits, & elopements. 


Matt + Anna, Sequoia National Park

Despite losing an hour of light to daylight savings, Matt & Anna still showed some two-thousand year old trees what true love looks like. 

Also, nothing makes you saw 'aww' like when pup tags along on an engagment shoot (thanks for being cool, woody)

Matt & Anna, Sequoia National Park, and A Fierce, Fierce Love.

Kelly + Anthony, Huntington Lake

Sometimes after a wedding is over, I wonder if it was all just a dream. 

Without these images, I wouldn't have any proof that it wasn't - except for the mud on my boots, wine spilled on my clothes, and smile wrinkles etched into my face.

Kelly and Anthony, it was wonderful spending these moments with you. Your hearts are gold, family precious, and friends priceless. 

Words escape me, so please enjoy this glimpse of the wedding weekend at the LakeShore Resort in Huntington Lake, CA.

Kelly + Anthony, A Fierce Love

Kelli & kids.

This is the sweetest batch of family images I've ever had to sort through, and it pains me to choose only a few to share. Montana de Oro state park, Kelli and family - a fierce love.

Phillip + Heather, Yosemite

I sincerely love what I do because of people like them, and places like this.

Heather & Phillip are climbers, and it didn't take much of a discussion to decide where to shoot their love story. Yosemite is the heart of climbing in California, and it's a pretty special place for all of us. We were initially going to do a tough climb and shoot their portraits on the top of the Lost Arrow Spire, but mother nature decided to close that area for climbing because of perigrine falcon nesting. Shoot. However we changed plans and I can't say that I'm bummed about the outcome. 

Surprisingly we had all of Taft Point to ourselves, and we spent the evening watching the sun go down, and being silly with some pretty extreme outfit changes.

Everyone give a high five and a congrats to these guys who are getting married in July! I'm sure it won't surprise you to know they're having a lakeside mountain multi day camping wedding/party. Yeah. This is how you do it when you're as cool as the soon-to-be Greens.

Connie + Taylor, Rattlesnake Ridge

I really think it's smart to hang out with people that are smarter than you, know how to love better than you, tell better jokes than you, and bring more passion & motivation into your life than you can summon on your own. These people are Connie & Taylor. 

10 years of marriage and counting,  still a fierce love. 

Rattlesnake Ridge / North Bend, Washington.

Melody | Fierce Love Senior Session

Melody is one of the most skilled animation artists I know, and I'm soo excited that she's been accepted into CSU Fullertons animation program! 

We pumped up the jams and rocked out to some good tunes while pumping out some of my favorite senior portraits to date. 

And since no photo adventure is complete without a good soundtrack, here's ours: Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter

Check out Melodys art work here!

To book your own Fierce Love portrait session, message us below!

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Emily + Dennis, Studio 1342 Los Angeles

I've known Emily since she was an infant, and growing up with her brother as my childhood best friend - I spent more time at her families house than my own. 

It was quite a special thing seeing this girl-with-cooties-turned-woman get to marry the love of her life, and I totally had a tear or two watching her walk down the aisle with her daddy. The Prossers have always felt like family to me - and today was no exception.

Congratulations Emily & Dennis! What a way to end the year right, at Studio 1342 in Los Angeles. 


Venue: Studio 1342
Rentals: The Imperial Party Rentals 
Catering: The Green Truck
Desserts: Sweet & Saucy Shop 
Flowers: Fifty Flowers Wholesale (arranged ourselves)
Dress: custom-made design by Miss Tashina
Day of Coordinator: Kethia Harris

Words from Dennis: 

"Dude, what can I say... The whole day was such an awesome adventure. It was way better than I could've ever imagined. Every detail was perfect and it all just worked. I didn't really help with a lot of the planning, but the way that everything just came together was unreal. The love and support of the families really overwhelmed both of us. 

As for the day of, my groomsmen took great care of me and I wasn't too nervous at all. We all had an awesome time the whole day even while we were just hanging out and waiting at the hotel. 

I'm really glad that we did the first look. I think that it was a very personal and special moment for the both of us that we really needed. It gave us ease and comfort to spend some time together before all the craziness started.

The moment that got me is when I saw Emily walking down the aisle.  Seeing her coming towards me in front of everyone we love, to say that she loves me and she wants to spend the rest of her life with me was just amazing. The song was awesome and she looked stunning! Hands down the best memory I'll ever have. I also think we killed it with our first dance so that was also a great moment haha. "

Words from Emily: 

"Dennis and I have always been more excited about being married than the actual wedding, but once the planning begun, we saw how excited our family was and wanted to be sure we created a day that gave both a comfortable atmosphere for our guests and a true reflection of who we are. Dennis wanted it to to be unique and memorable, and I wanted it to be naturally bohemian and ethereal. Our touches of freshly-picked cotton, dusty miller, and a color scheme of burgundy, peach and gold brought out the exact look we had hoped to achieve.

We had family and friends travel from multiple parts of the globe to celebrate our special day and it was more perfect than we ever could have planned. Our pastor, Brandon Cook, led a beautifully touching ceremony which was followed by a celebration with food, drink, dancing and great company.

Strangely enough, I think my favorite moment of the evening was also my most nerve-racking moment of the entire day. I was trembling with positive anxiety and excitement right before walking down the aisle, but the combination of the music, clinging to my Dad's arm and seeing Dennis waiting for me is what calmed me with joy and I'm pretty sure the smile on my face did not leave the rest of the evening."


Miriam + AJ, Fresno

I was sooo excited to photograph Miriam & AJ's wedding, especially after our friendship began during an insanely fun & awesome engagement shoot in Yosemite.

Their day was such a spectacular cultural event, with her family flying in from Italy, and his from all over the US.  

While I wish I could post hundreds of the images from this amazing backyard wedding in this historic Fresno neighborhood, I'll leave you with a quick glimpse of this day. 

Special thanks to Chelsea Stemkoski at From Ring To Reception  for the amazing coordinating and keeping the day on track! 

Aj + Miriam, Yosemite Engagement

If I could plan the perfect time together with some clients shooting their engagement photos, it would go like this: Drive into Yosemite at the crack of dawn, catching the sunrise over Halfdome. We would set up tents and make breakfast at the camp 4 - the perfect climbers campsite.  After some bouldering on some classic granite problems, we'd take a dip in the river and crack a beer. We would probably shoot some photos in the meadow during the golden hour, and cook up a delicious dinner before watching the stars rotate over the tree brimmed campsite. In the morning after digesting a few cups of coffee and a hearty breakfast, someone would decide which route to climb, and after flaking out ropes we'd lace up our shoes and send some classic Yosemite cracks.

But that's just me.

Aj and Miriam get married in September. I really can't wait.

Tom + Kara, Sequoia National Park

Goodness gracious. If I wasn't born to do this, than I sure am lucky I fell into it.

Tom & Kara are extremely important people to me, and so is the place they chose to get married. These beautiful people, not wanting a 'typical' wedding ceremony, were wed in Crescent Meadow, inside Sequoia National Park - housing both the highest peak in the continental USA (Mount Whitney), and also the tallest trees on earth - the 'Sequoias'. 

I'm always so excited to help plan the ceremony location, and Tom and I scouted the meadow in the morning to discover where the light would be magical, but also where guests could easily take perch to view the ceremony.  We settled on a mound of granite peaking out of the grass - a perfect altar for a mountainside wedding. 

Because of national park regulations, the permit only allowed for 30 attendees, so the guest list was small, making for a relaxed & intimate ceremony. Toms father led the service, while the air was filled with beautiful melodies by Joel Adam Russell and his guitar. After some photography in the trees with the bride and groom, we all headed for a relaxed dinner at Wuksachi Lodge

Peek at the bottom to see a great film from the wedding by Tanner Boley