alex + nani


Congratulations, friends. 

It was a wonderful joy being a part of your love story.

Our time together was so special, and I'm so happy to share these memories with you.

Feel the magic here:

This link to your gallery is both mobile and web optimized to view how you'd like: on a mobile device, tablet, or computer. Your photos are stored here for the next year, and you can use this to view, as well as order prints.

To download all your images, click the 'download all' button on top and right side of the image.  

Here's what to do with your images!

Firstly - backup, backup, backup! As SOON as you download them, remember to back up your images on preferably three devices - such as your computer, an external hard drive, and a usb drive in a fire safe in a different location (parents house, work, etc). This is critical for safekeeping. 

Secondly, USE THEM! Really! If you wait too long to share them, the excitement surrounding this time together might be overshadowed by the next big life event - travels, kids, getting a pet...etc

Post on facebook & Instagram, print them out and cover your walls! Also, pass the gallery viewing link to your friends and family, and encourage them to purchase prints! This helps me keep your gallery online for years to come.

Although it's temping to throw an Instagram or facebook filter on the photos - please remember that I've spent hours and hours perfecting the tones and colors, and the quality is severely reduced by adding filters.

Since my business is based on referrals from past clients I would LOVE if you tagged me as your photographer if you post them on social media - but it's not mandatory.  If you'd like to tag me - you can tag 'A Fierce Love' on Facebook, and @PeterAmend or @FierceLoveWeddings on Instagram. Thanks! You're cool! 

Hold tightly to your fierce love,

Peter Amend